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By Allan Rosen-Ducat

Mashuga Moose®

Out of the woods and into our hearts

 Mashuga Moose is a little different than other moose; he’s funny and happy, polite and respectful, that is for a moose of course. Mashuga Moose is a North American Moose living in the State of Maine.  He is highly intelligent, brave and the stories he tells of his exploits are captivating. Mashuga Moose is the type of moose that you could trust with the keys to your house.  I could go on,but I’m sure you want to meet him for your self.

Just an ordinary moose trying to get by.

Allan Rosen-Ducat

Mashuga had a wonderful childhood. There was one complaint he would bring up from time to time; it seems that he thought his childhood was to short. Mashuga would have liked a couple more months of sunning in the Bog with Mama.

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Mashuga sat down one night at the family dinner table; after a couple of minutes, his father looked up from his dinner in disbelief. Mashuga Moose had always been different; his family loved how unpredictable he was. Mashuga, who wasn’t sure how his family would accept him, was very nervous. As Mashuga Moose began eating his dinner, his father spoke, he said. Mashuga, you know we love you and accept your unique way of looking at the forest, but I must tell you that I am worried.

Mashuga, I’m worried that if you go out in the forest dressed like that, you could get yourself shot. The family sat for a moment and pondered the statement just bellowed by their family leader. At the same moment, the Moose twins spoke up, “Wrong!’ The twins quickly and efficiently laid waste to their father’s hypothesis. Their logic was that a moose dressed as a clown would have aa a substantial level of notoriety. Who would want to shoot a famous moose?

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In The Time of  “The Dented -Pan” & The Strange Quiet

Release Date
September 2021

A handsome young Moose realize that the world had changed, He would have to wait almost a day to understand that the “Dented-Pan” had spread. Mashuga Moose had to find out what was happening with humans. Overnight the world had become seriously quiet; even the flying buss thingies, airplanes, were gone. The highway and secondary roads were silent, the schools had no kids, and so they were quiet, there had been less activity on the lake. Mashuga could usually hear so many noises coming from the town. There one sound that he noticed there was more of “ambulance sirens.” Mashuga had studied and performed well on the moose disaster response test/ MDRT. 

As a moose fully certified in disaster response, he knew that his herd might rely on his investigation for their safety. Mashuga liked the humans a lot, he hoped they were ok. Mashuga was on a quest to investigate “The Strange Quiet.” He would have to venture into the center of the human habitats, which would be scary, but he could do it, he had to do his moose duty. His father often said, “”because the needs of the one moose outweigh the needs of the many moose.” Mashuga’s father never understood what he was repeating a line from an old Star Trek TV program.

As you might be getting by now, Mashuga is a bit more moose than we usually have to deal with. Some say he is the greatest moose to ever live. I’ll let the readers decide.


What Mashuga Moose thought was upset stomachs from eating bad water lilies, ended up being one moose’s sense that the world had changed.

– The Time of the Dented-Pan & The Strange Quiet

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What does a Moose think about the moon in the sky?


What does a moose think when he looks at the moon, that is what I want to know.

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