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Moosinations – No you are not Hullucinating

Seriously Non-Fiction

A book of moose.

ADD Illustrations


Common Visual Themes in ADD


is “”ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and the imaging of my memories of  my obstructions.

This book is the first of a series with a focus on providing illustrations that might help others understand the iconoclastic imagery behind the human ADD experience.

I was diagnosed with Dyslecix in second grade.  Dyslexia and ADHD have a tendency to present together.

“ADD illustrated” is an exploration of the images of my  ADD  and their impacts, my hope that this book will provide  a visual representation of the visuals associated with my ADHD.

ADD Illustrated –

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In The Time of the Dented-Pan & The Strange Quiet

Children’s Illustrated Fiction

One Moose in the whole wide world knew that something had changed. For some reason, this one young Moose standing in the beautiful forest he called home in the State of Maine, had used his keen moose senses to sense a change. He didn’t know what had changed, just that “Something” big had changed, and he gave himself the task of solving this mystery.

You’ll never look at the woods in the same way.

The Hamburger Wrapper Incident
on the North Fork.


The Hamburger Moose Incident

On a stormy night along the North Forks of the Moose River a happening ocurred that was met with disbelief and violence.  There were witnesses yet the each were privy to only a short glimpse of the happening.

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